Monday, November 19, 2012

Benefits of Breast feeding

Breast feeding is very beneficial to your babies.  Breast milk is very rich in nutrients that are essential for the babies to grow healthy.  Breast milk is easily digestible and sweet to taste.  Breast feeding delays the menstrual cycle after pregnancy and thus nursing mothers do not exhaust the iron in their body.

Babies that are breast fed have better bowel movements, the diaper changes are less offensive than those that are formula fed.  Babies also need lesser burping.

Breast feeding prevents chances of tooth decay and potential dental problems in babies that are breastfed.  The breast milk carries defenders against dental problems.

Breast feeding also aids is fine speech development.  The babies who are put on bottle at an earlier stage are prone to speech disorders.   Breast feeding also reduces the chances of obesity when the child grows into an adult.

Want your baby to have great skin texture, make sure you breastfeed as much as possible in the first year.  Breast milk comprises of chemicals that repress pain.  A few minutes of nursing is known to comfort a bump, scratch or bruise you baby may experience.  And since your baby will remain healthy overall, there will be lesser visits to the doctor.

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