Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Few tips to stay healthy:

Never skip meals. Skipping meals has no advantage in health and it is a major cause of weight gain in the long-term. When a meal is missed, the body metabolism slows down, leading to more intake of high-calorie and high-fat foods soon after.

Prefer to opt for high-fiber foods like whole-grain breads and cereals, whole pulses,beans, vegetables and fruits. This will lower the risk for chronic diseases, such as Coronary heart disease and Diabetes.

For the meat eaters, lean meat, fish, or chicken without the skin can be added to the diet with a careful watch on the intake of calories in each meal.

To satisfy the calcium and vitamin D requirements of the body, low-fat/fat-free milk, yogurt or cheese is recommended. This will strengthen the bones even with age. Alternatives to milk such as soy milk also obtained from soy are advised.

Some foods are rich in some nutrients, but there is none that has all the nutrients needed by the body. Foods from the different food groups and all colors have to be selected to ensure a steady supply of all vitamins and nutrients required by the body.

Food combinations and smart cooking ideas can make mealtime more enjoyable. This will also add to the variety of food types in the daily diet. Having the right perspective to healthy eating and adding a few creative skills will be able see long-term health gains.

Fresh fruits, dry fruits like dried apricots, roasted grams and salads, whole-wheat crackers and soups without starch and fat can be kept handy to be used as snacks so as to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods. High-fat and high-sugar snacks like cakes, samosas, kachories, fried bhujias, chips and soda should be avoided.

Consuming plenty of water and other fluids like lime juice, green tea is always recommended.Water keeps the body well hydrated and controls your appetite to a certain extent.

Salads made of fresh fruits and vegetable can be added to each meal. This will ensure a supply of fiber and vitamins and also creates a fullness effect preferred by many weight watchers.

Every meal should be enjoyed and consumed slowly. This will aid better digestion of the food.
Finally the best plan of action to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is to have a balance between the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy spent.

A healthy and balanced eating plan should ensure that the following foods are eaten every day:
Whole grain breads, cereals and brown rice.

1.A variety of fruits and vegetables, either raw or cooked.

2.Lean meat, poultry, fish eggs, beans and other dry legumes.

3.Low fat milk, yogurt or other fat free milk products.

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