Monday, September 24, 2012


Drumstick is mostly grown as a backyard tree in most of the South Indian homes. It has drumstick like fruits, small white flowers and small and round leaves which are cooked and eaten as vegetable.

Nutritionally, drumstick pods and leaves are of great value as sources of acrotene, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. The leaves, flowers and fruits of drumstick which are used as vegetable have great nutritional value.

Pregnant women should often eat drumsticks as it helps ease any kind of pre and post delivery complication.
and lactating mothers can benefit a lot from the health benefits of drumstick leaves and fruit. Drumstick leaves is an ideal tonic for pregnant and lactating mothers and provide them with the calsium.

Drumstick soup helps ease any kind of chest congestions, coughs and sore throats.Inhaling steam of water in which drumsticks have been boiled helps ease asthma and other lung problem.


Drumstick juice greatly adds to the glow on one’s face. Make a mixture of drumstick and limejuice and dab it on your face. You will find your face glowing greatly.

Juice of Drum stick when mixed in milk and offered to children greatly helps by strengthening their bones as it is said to be a great source of Calcium. Also drumstick is said to be a great blood purifier.

There are many benefits that come from this tree and these are obtained from its flowers, leaves, juice and seeds.

The main health benefits of drumstick flowers and leaves are in the nutritional quality of these parts of the plant as well as the seeds. These parts of the plant are rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Vitamin A, and vitamin C.

There are also the minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium to be found in these parts of the tree as well.

The leaves are also said to be very nutritious and the health benefits of drumstick flowers and leaves are found in the levels of protein compared to other vegetables. This may be a very good source for vegetarians and it is said to have the highest protein amount.

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