Monday, October 8, 2012


This is a special diet with low fat and low cholesterol content. The food items are cooked with minimum amount of oil. Foods high in choestrol content are to be avoided.

This diet is used in conditions like obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, cardio vascular diseases and certain type of cancers.

Foods high in  fat content to be avoided:

1.Egg yolk, pork, turkey, beef, and lamp.

2.Brain, kidney, liver, heart and all organs of meats.

3.Ice creams, pastries.

4.Ghee, vanaspathi, butter, coconut oil, palm oil.,

5.Whole milk, Cheese, yogourt, cream of milk.

6. Deep fried items- chips, pappads, vadai, bonda, poori etc.

7. Alcoholic drinks, cream soup.

8.Almonds cashewnuts, coconut, groundnut, etc.

Use vegetables oils which are high in PUFA( polyusaturated fatty acids) like sunnola, Saffola, gingelly oil, ricebran oil for cooking.

Try to cook with minimum amount of oil (appx 3-4 teaspoons per day).

Apple, pomecgranate, guava, sweet lime, orange, wtermelon, papaya these fruits will help to control the cholesterol levels.

When your weight increases your blood cholesterol also tends to increse. So maintain your ideal body weight by controlling your diet intake.

use low fat dairyc products and limit milk consumption to 2 cups a day.

Foods high in fibre tend to be low in fat and and calories-eating more fibre rich foods may help to keep your weight in control.

Include lot of vegetables and greens.

Include fruits every day instead of sweets, cakes,pasteries or ice creams.

Among non-veg foods use either chicken or fish weekly once in gravy form.

Include salads and sprouts in your diet.

Alcohol: it is a source calorie and can be turned into fat ,adding weight to the body. It increase the level of triglycerides in your blood it in excess.

Caffeine: If found in tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolates and cola. They may increase the frequency and severity of irregular heart beats and can increase blood pressure.

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