Tuesday, October 9, 2012


There are various benefits of drinking hot water to our health. We take water to hydrate our body. Both hot and cold water serve this purpose. Drinking cold water seems to be more tempting than hot water. So, we consume cold water on a regular basis compared to hot water.

But compar to the cold water hot water having  some significant health benefits.

When we take hot water, our body temperature rises and hot water causes to cool down the body which is done by sweating.Sweating purifies our bloodstreams.A lot of toxins are thrown out from our body when we sweat.

Drinking hot water also removes built up deposits in our nervous system.

Drinking hot water improves blood circulation.

When lemon and honey are added to drinking hot water, it will become tasty and boost up the immunity.

If we take hot water in early morning, it will kill the harmful bacteria in throat and intestine and restore the lost moisture during night.

 Drinking a hot water glass with lemon before breakfast can be a perfect solution for cleansing your body system.

 It is a very good remedy for constipation as it stimulates the bowel.

Drinking hot water is a natural therapy to get relief from cough.Even for small baby's(after 6 months) who are suffering with cough feeding them luck warm water is a good thing.

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